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1 year warranty on any visit

With our 30-point preventative maintenance check done every 6 months or yearly for units 5 years or newer, rest assured your system will operate properly when our services are completed.

A complimentary instant mold test is done with every check up upon request. Duct work is inspected for leaks,blockages and cleanliness and can be schedule to be cleaned at time of visit.Our standard cost of maintenance which includes 1 lb refrigerant at no charge is only $60.



We are the neatest installers in South Florida, hands down. We use clean drop cloths never leaving any debris or mess behind. We work in the finest of homes from Ibis to Mizner and know how to respect your home properly. You deserve the best for your money. Your drains are flushed, thermostats calibrated and questions answered before we leave. All top rated manufacturers equipment are installed by Cooling America USA.

Our goal is to buy American made products as much as possible in order to keep our country strong.

Rebates are always available as well as 

18 month no interest financing




Day and Night we are available for any emergencies, water leaks, warm air issues or strange noises. With us it's simple, YOU Call and We Show UP. After hours you will be connected to the owner himself to resolve your issues. To us you are not just a customer, you are part of the Cooling America USA family. The ways of the North brought to the South!


Cleaner and Fresher Air

Duct cleaning when properly done should last 7-10 years. Our  method is done with each individual duct being cleaned and sanitized. The grills painted with a satin white oil based finish. The physical removal of dust mites, allergens and biological matter is the way to clean air without the need of Ozone equipment to hide odors. UV lights are sometimes installed for biological growth prevention in larger homes duct systems.

Attic insulation ensures you're properly reducing your electric bill by keeping cold air inside rather than mixing it with the 140 degree attic air.

This is the key to maintaining your home's comfort in South Florida and keeping the electric bills down.

All our services come with a 1 year guarantee on all work done.

Eliminating the need for maintenance contracts.